ICT Unit

The ICT part covers a cross-cutting area providing services to the entire Corporation.

Key Functions of the Unit

  1. Provide Information and Communication Technology service including integrating departments in a computerized system network and website;
  2. Establish and manage integrated link in communications system (Local Area Network and Wide Area Network);
  3. Evaluate ICT equipment’s needs and demand;
  4. Ensure that the ICT system and equipment are secure and appropriately used;
  5. Provide professional advice before purchasing the software and all ICT related equipment’s;
  6. Develop and manage a register (database) which stores information within the organization;
  7. Develop, coordinate and manage the use of email in the organization;
  8. Train ZHC staff on the effective and efficient use of ICT in ZHC;
  9. Analyze and design systems technology, information and communication to support the ZHC to provide its services to customers and perform its functions effectively;
  10. Monitor the implementation review of National ICT Policy for compliance;
  11. Prepare annual budget for the unit and timely prepare and submit to the ZHC Principal monthly, quarterly and annual implementation report;
  12. Execute any work as directed by the Director General.

Pay to PBZ Bank

Account Numbers:

Local Acc. 0404017000

Account Name:

Shirika la Nyumba Mapato

Foreign Acc. 0406553000

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