Procurement and Supply Unit

The Procurement and Supply Management unit is among the special units within ZHC organizational structure. The unit is headed by a Head of Unit.

Key Functions of the Unit

To aggregate and make available of all ZHC requirements of Goods, Works, Consultancy and non- consultancy services in every approved financial budget. Key among the Unit’s functions include the following:

1. Manage all procurement and disposal activities of the Corporation;

2. Support the rationing of the Tender Board;

3. Implement the decisions of the Tender Board;

4. Liaise directly with the Procurement Regulatory Authority on matters within its jurisdiction;

5. Act as secretariat to the Tender Board, thus, to coordinate and prepare tender board meeting and issue monthly reports;

6. Plan the procurement and disposal activities of the Zanzibar Housing Corporation;

7. Recommend procurement and disposal procedures;

8. Check and prepare statements of requirements, bid documents and advertisements for bid opportunities;

9. Prepare contracts documents & issue approved contracts documents;

10. Co-ordinate the procurement and disposal activities of all the departments and conduct annual stocktaking for ZHC materials held in Office, storehouse and stockyard;

11. Prepare and submit timely annual budget

12. Prepare periodical performance reports;

13. Perform any other duty as may be directed by the Director General.

Pay to PBZ Bank

Account Numbers:

Local Acc. 0404017000

Account Name:

Shirika la Nyumba Mapato

Foreign Acc. 0406553000

Account Name:

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