Legal Service Unit

This unit is led by Head of Legal service. It has two sections: -

• Contract section.
• Dispute resolution

Key Functions of the Legal Unit

1. To provide legal consultation service and guidance in accordance to Zanzibar Corporation Act and other related laws of Zanzibar;

2. Monitor and supervise preparation and improvement of staff manuals, regulations and other legal documents;

3. Execute all deeds/ contracts of tenancy agreements, loans, grants and procurement contracts;

4. Provide legal advice, guidance and translate Laws and Contacts;

5. Represent ZHC in any legal dispute in the court;

6. Monitor and prepare all Board meetings and other board activities;

7. Provide awareness of ZHC Act and its regulations to the management, employees and stakeholders;

8. Monitor and oversee dispute resolution;

9. Prepare annual budget of the legal Unit;

10. Monitor all legal activities in ZHC;

11. Perform such other activities as may be directed by the Director General.

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