Planning and Research

Key Functions of the Department

  1. Determine financial resources required for the activities of the ZHC in accordance with the Annual Plan;
  2. Plan the allocation of available resources so that they are utilized efficiently, economically, and effectively, in achieving the corporate goals and objectives;
  3. Monitor and control commitments and expenditures to ensure that they are in accordance with the directives of the Management and the Board;
  4. Prepare annual budget of the ZHC and submit monthly and quartelly implementation report;
  5. Prepare an annual report dealing with the activities and operations of the ZHC as well as directives given to the Board by the Minister during that year;
  6. Execute any work as directed by the Director General.

Pay to PBZ Bank

All paymets received done by Control number

Visit any ZHC Office for your Control number

Pemba Office

ZHC Branch Miembeni Chake Chake Pemba

P. O. BOX 128



Zanzibar Head Office

Zanzibar Housing Corporation

Darajani Opposite to Petrol Station


P. O. BOX 795

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Zanzibar - Tanzania