Key Functions of the Department

1. Managing access and preserve copyright (plots and buildings) of ZHC;

2. Make evaluation and provide property tax rates;

3. Prepare, preserve guidelines and policies for renting buildings;

4. Make the valuation of assets of the Corporation;

5. Coordinate and list the dilapidated buildings and transfer them according to the rules and regulations;

6. Develop marketing strategies aimed at empowering the Agency to sell and lease the premises to get productivity in the housing business sector;

7. Verify and manage customer register;

8. Conduct housing market studies to support investment decisions;

9. Organize events and exhibitions, seminars and conferences on product sales of ZHC;

10. Prepare annual budget for the department with timely submission of reports;

11. Submit reports of the work implemented on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis;

12. Perform any other duties as directed by the Director-General.

Pay to PBZ Bank

All paymets received done by Control number

Visit any ZHC Office for your Control number

Pemba Office

ZHC Branch Miembeni Chake Chake Pemba

P. O. BOX 128



Zanzibar Head Office

Zanzibar Housing Corporation

Darajani Opposite to Petrol Station


P. O. BOX 795

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Zanzibar - Tanzania