This department is led by a Director, it has two sections: -

• Construction Services section
• Construction Design section.

All the sections above are led by a Section Head, responsible for their effective performance.

Key Functions of the Department

1. Maintain existing buildings and construction of new houses for investment;

2. Prepare of drawings and Bill of Quantity;

3. Facilitate and supervise implementation of construction project for residential and commercial houses;

4. Conduct research in investment opportunity and innovative project according market value;

5. Prepare construction tenders in collaboration with the Procurement & Supply Management Unit;

6. Inspect existing buildings to prioritize renovation programme;

7. Facilitate and provide building material standards and recommend or use best construction technologies;

8. Collect, evaluate, translate and provide land and building information using Geographical Information System (G.I.S);

9. Provide building contractor services, building supervision and consultant service;

10. Prepare annual budget and submit monthly implementation report;

11. Execute any work as directed by the Director General.

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